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Don Colacino

Producer, Writer, Director

Based in Erie, Colorado, Don’s work includes the documentary film Winner Take All (2019), about the National Popular Vote movement, which screened at film festivals, aired on Colorado PBS, and is currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video. Don is an active board member of Women In Film and Media Colorado. 


For Don, the burning issue of our time is an inability to agree on a common set of basic facts. He sees it as a threat to our democracy, because without that basic agreement, the cooperation needed to maintain our republic cannot exist. He’s terrified to think about what society will be like in another twenty years if trust in news continues to decline – or evaporates altogether! That’s his reason for making this film.


In Trusted Sources he provides audiences with new tools to judge for themselves the credibility of information in today’s news environment. He brings experts to the screen to explain the business models driving today’s information sources. After viewing Trusted Sources, he wants audiences to understand their own roles in affecting the changes necessary to make news more trustworthy. 


Kimman Harmon

Director of Photography

Kimman Harmon is a Cinematographer based in Boulder, Colorado. Her work includes documentary films The Social Dilemma (2020) and The Game Changers (2018), as well as narrative films that include the Academy Award winning My Cousin Vinnie (1992). Her work has also been featured in national television series and commercials. 


Kimman has been steeped in cameras and the visual arts since childhood, when she took notice of the way light interacted with nature, and became enthralled with the mechanics of film cameras and projectors. 


“What’s important about Trusted Sources is that it shows people working to solve the very real trust crisis in the news world.  Our once-shared common belief in the reports of journalists like Walter Cronkite, has been replaced by a confusing, often conflicting 24-hour jumble of news, opinion, advocacy, and even misinformation. People working with both journalists and news consumers to restore trust gives me hope for the future.” 

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